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1 start an engine again, for example
2 take up or begin anew; "We resumed the negotiations" [syn: resume]

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  1. The act of restarting something.
    After the restart of my browser, the problem went away.


The act of restarting


  1. To start again.
    All attempts to restart the engine failed.
  2. to reboot.


To start again
In computing, to reboot

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In a computer or data transmission system, to reset means is to clear any pending errors or events and bring a system to normal condition or initial state usually in a controlled manner. It is usually done in response to an error condition when a processing activity is impossible to proceed or it's undesirable for the activity to proceed and all error recovery mechanisms fail. A computer storage software would normally perform a "reset" if a command times out and error recovery schemes like retry or abort also fail.
A soft reset is performed by restarting system software without resetting the hardware.
reset is also a BSD/Linux/UNIX command to restore a console to a normal state. This command is an alias of the tset terminal initialization command.
Similar commands include:
stty sane setterm -reset
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